When we talk about decayed baby teeth, bottle cavities evolve much faster and a small dot on the tooth can turn into a deep caries. And from here no more than a step to the loss of the tooth. But why get to the extraction when we can find out? Find out in this article about the causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment of bottle caries.


Because many parents wonder how and why caries occurs in children, we thought it would be useful to explain in this article the causes of this condition, its factors and the 4 mistakes that parents often make. Thus, it will be much easier for you to prevent cavities in baby teeth, if they have not already appeared. And if they have appeared, you will find out what treatments are urgent and necessary for your child's teeth.


This question is common and the answer is one: “Yes! Baby teeth have roots and nerve! ” Baby teeth, like permanent ones, are living tissues, containing several layers of tissue - enamel, dentin, cementum and dental pulp which is a soft tissue that has nerves and blood vessels.


The appearance of the first baby tooth is a reason for joy and curiosity for any parent. Not only grandparents are notified urgently, but also friends, co-workers, neighbors and everyone around us. The same happens when baby teeth are replaced with permanent ones, but before this happens parents wonder what is the order of fall and change and how quickly they occur.

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