Are you afraid of the dentist? See what remedies there are!

21/02/2020 1

The fear of the dentist belongs, according to the tendencies of modern psychology, to our shadow zone. We are very complex beings, built in a duality: feminine - masculine, light-shadow and we also refer to dual notions: good-evil, truth-false.


Fear exists in each of us - after all, fear is a natural feeling, which has the role of protecting our body from something that could harm us. It tells the subconscious, coming from the fundamental instinct of our species of survival: "attention, you could be hurt!", And the wound, of course, can be physical and / or emotional!


But to all these fears are added others, which simply parasitize us: the fear of not succeeding, the fear of not performing enough, of being accepted, the fear of not living up to our or others' expectations, of be disappointed or disappointed, fear of loneliness, illness, etc., etc.

And this is how we carry a bag of fears with us in life, of which we are often unaware, which limits our creative potential, chokes our joys and even the power to be happy, censors our good moments and drags us to the ground. when we could be confident, euphoric, fulfilled or just satisfied.


I insist and ask my patients, friends or the people I talk to to get rid of these fears - and they are tools, we thank the Universe for living in our time! From individual therapy with a psychotherapist, long-term or short-term therapy aimed at solving a specific problem / see the brilliant book and the therapeutic approach approached by Barbara Crăciun and Irina Holdevici - "SHORT-TERM PSYCHOTHERAPIES", to any other mindfulness approach , prayer, alternative therapies such as craniosacral therapy or others that can lead to desensitization and the disappearance of fear in general and that of the dentist, in particular.


Along with all these remedies, in the dental clinic there is a very wide range of means by which we can help patients with dental phobia - medical hypnosis is the first on the list, applied by the dentist or a certified psychologist, during and in support of dental treatment.

  • Along with this, in our clinic we use with great success the hilar gas - NO2, which is used as an anxiolytic and analgesic in surgery, gynecology and dentistry, an inert gas that is eliminated from the body exactly as it enters and is administered through -a mask, along with oxygen. It significantly lowers the threshold of fear and pain and sometimes causes the ace, which is why it is also called 'hilarious gas', being adopted in the United States at parties, for good mood and entertainment.
  • Progressively, at our clinic we also use intravenous sedation, in patients with greater fear - we have a collaboration with an anesthetist who comes to the office and instills in the patient a sum of intravenous drugs, which make him fall asleep easily - while he is conscious and can collaborate with us.
  • Another means used "in extremis", in the case of advanced phobia, is general anesthesia, which is performed with intubation in a hospital environment. In this case, the patient must remain under supervision for a day - and because he does not maintain his state of consciousness, complex interventions can be performed, going as far as all dental treatments in one session.

Although the latter means described seem more adapted to our age, being fast and efficient, I still recommend a more delicate access, through therapy and gradual desensitization, because this way we really get rid of the fear of the dentist and we will not take this ballast with us the bag of shadows we all have to carry, as I told you earlier.

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